It’s funny. I love  the process of speaking, and to the same extent writing what I think at any given moment. I hardly think of what I express, which in turn leads to me mistyping, or misspeaking an ‘important’ thought. One that I have gone over in my head before, but never concise enough to share with others.

While it is a fault, I appreciate it. It shows my flaws, but is true to who I am. Someone who finds comfort within the impulse.

Once I look back on what I write or say,  I see the faults but also realize the beauty of them. Logical but flawed.

It makes more sense to express myself at the current moment. Not thinking, but acting. Which, while not always perfect, makes me truer to who I am. No matter what faults may be conveyed.

Its funny, even reading this now I see where it needs to be edited. I should attempt to hone my writing and verbal skills. Maintaining the impulse but more controlled. At this point this is nothing more than rambling, ha.

And if you have the time/interest please look into Incubus’ new album ‘If Not Now, When?’. While it may not be perfect, it has its moments of comfort. I cannot recommend it enough.


Renewed attempt at this blog.

After longer than a year away from this, I figured to start back up. Mainly as a means to express myself beyond my normal ways. An attempt to get my creativity going once again.

I actually just finished this poem and wanted to post it. I hardly consider myself good with words, but this one has been building my head over the last week or so. I finally put it down, so here you go. And please be harsh,  =)

Have a great moment everyone.

I bike like a child.
And ride as if I know nothing of pain. 

Climbing each new hill as it arises.
No fear to think it is insurmountable,
but an excitement that knows no bound.
A desire to see the new horizon beyond.

I live for the downhill,
Arms in the air as the wind divides over and under.
Knowing I could lose control in an instant.
However, I just can't grasp this thought in the moment.
Everything disappears.

I bike like a child.
Mind freed from the world.