online comic review. inkdick

So I’m a big fan of online comics, especially journal comics. There is something about having someone post a portion of their day in comic form that i enjoy. The ability to make people care or interested in these segments is a great feat of storytelling. Something that I feel helps to learn when writing a film, book or anything along those lines. Seeing the basic and how they make it work, and attempting to take those lessons to a higher and longer level.

This week I’m going to review one of my favorite journal comics called inkdick. This is a journal comic done by a guy named Pranas. At the beginning it started off as a project for a class of his, that has become a regular thing for him, I believe for around a year and a half later. When you start from the beginning, you can see that his drawing style is a little rough but interesting. As he progresses it is possible to see the development from this style day to day, until it gets pretty refined and fun to look at. All in all there are not many huge life-changing story lines, rather it is just a comic about day to day life. I find it to be pretty relatable and look forward to reading the new comics daily. I highly recommend this comic, and would suggest starting from the beginning. It wouldn’t take more than a few days to catch up to the newer posts.inkdick_banner


playlist-ish week 3

Well week 3 of the music i am listening to,lets take a look

  1. Ten Years Older by Jarrod Gorbel- This is a song from his upcoming solo album, he was apart of the soon to be finished The Honorary Title, really good live track
  2. The Sky is the Limit by The Notorious B.I.G.- Lyrics on this one are quite good, and the video is amazing
  3. If You Do, If You Don\’t by Cartel- Catchy track
  4. We Own The Sky by M83- The video for this one is really well shot, and it is a great song to walk to on a gorgeous day
  5. Hunting for Witches by Bloc Party- Not really about witches in a halloween sense, but close enough for me, that and the fact that it is a good song

just some thoughts

so lately i’ve been enjoying all the weather that has occurred here in madison. from the cold windy and rainy, to the warm and clear skied, to the zombie tornado weather. alright i may have made that last one up, but i feel i would enjoy it had it happened…and if it was possible(a kid can dream). usually rain doesnt sit to well with me, i’m normally all about the clear blue skies.¬†over the course of the last week though, i’ve been looking on the bright side of everything. thinking that thoughts of happiness are a choice, and in the attempt to live well and enjoy life as much as i can have played a huge role in my enjoyment of the weather. looking at how everything can change with rain and clouds makes it a new sight to see. which in general has caused the idea of everything being beautiful in its own way also to pop up in my head.

i understand these are all incomplete thoughts about the same topic , but i recommend attempting to look at things this way. it may be rainy, but rain is falling water from the sky(duh) but something that you are just used to. try to get unused to everything and see things for the 1st time, every time (man i know how to spit out cliches).

cheers all

oh and here is some music to listen to to help with this mood

Songs for the week 2

  1. Best I Ever Had by Drake-This is a pretty good rap track, just got into it a couple days ago.
  2. Black Heart Inertia by Incubus-Listen to the vocals at 40 secs. in, by far Brandon’s best in my opinion.
  3. I\’ve Been Lost by +/-– One of my favorite bands, this is actually the track that got me into them.
  4. Konstantine by Something Corporate– Beautiful song
  5. Girls and Boys by The Subways– One of my favorite rock bands, very underrated

The Wild Things

Last March I remember seeing the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, and was pretty excited. The imagery, the wild things, and the fact that they used The Arcade Fire for the song were all pluses for the trailer. Since than I had been most excited this year for the films release.

On Sat. I was able to go see it with my roommates on the IMAX, and wasn’t let down. Everything in this film screams quality. Spike Jonze did an amazing job getting everything he needed out of Max Records to make this film a success. The use of actual suits and minimal special effects also helped with the overall tone. I dare you to watch this movie and not be blown away by the visuals, and authenticity of the emotions put forth.

What comes down to it, I wouldn’t consider this a children’s film. It is more adult in its tone, portraying the story of a nine year old after he feels neglected at home, causing him to run away to the wild things. Watching this it was easy to remember sharing some of the same emotions at that age, and even now. Its also interested to watch them weave the prelude of sorts (before he meets the wild things) and mirror it in his imagination of the wild things. Simply great writing.

So all in all I would completely recommend this film. Its a great watch, leaves you thinking the next day, and makes you want to see it again. 5 out of 5(5 of what i don’t know, but trust me on this one haha)

thoughts and ideas

So lately I’ve been coming up with my fair share of artistic ideas. However finding a way to put them all in motion and keep them in motion has been tough. On top of that trying to stay focused in my classes has become a bit of a challenge. I figure if I put a list of the ideas on here it’ll help me feel a bit better about them, and hopefully get them to stay in motion.

First I have two film ideas that are slowly being written. One of them is just a short film that I hope to finish by Dec. about a girl who goes to meet up with an ex boyfriend and they just catch up, something they do once a year at the same location. There is a twist involved that I won’t give away. The other film is one that has slowly been developing since last Dec. It began as a look into how someone deals with the loss of a girlfriend, and how they’re life progresses after. However since than it has become a story focused upon the love shared over a long distance between two people, as you experience their last day together for almost a year. This is actually a film that I am really looking forward to getting done and see what I am capable of.

Outside of film i’ve just recently gotten back into drawing, and have been doing a fairly comical drawing which I plan to put up here within the next week or so. Which also may push me to start making an online journal comic I believe so that I can have more practice drawing lesser projects to increase my skills.

Thats about all I have for now, not to interesting a post, but what are you going to do. Haha

cheers all