album review- Telescreen’s “The Solar Sea EP”

So a year ago I was going to a Dredg concert, excited to see a band that I had been a fan of for a few years. I wasn’t really thinking to heavily about the opening acts. That soon changed when the band Telescreen came out to set up for their show. By putting up a huge handcrafted screen to block a clear shot of the band. Once the lights dimmed the audience and I were treated to an amazing visual and musical treat. The 35min set they played was their whole “The Solar Sea EP” from start to finish.

Unable to find this album, since they released it in limited quantity but allowed for the people who bought it during a short timeframe to share the album online. I had to rely on 2 songs of theirs off of their myspace for quite some time. However, I was finally able to find their EP to download via torrent. Upon my 1st listen I was brought back to the energy and emotions I felt when I saw them. The 1st two tracks (“1913”, “Individual”) were solid tracks to start the album, but they are definitely not tracks that inspire multiple listens by themselves. From there the last 5 tracks are nothing short of amazing. Ithe-solar-seaf Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky had a musical baby together you would get Telescreen.

  • Tracks to Enjoy

-“EM328” is a beautiful instrumental, that builds upon itself until its musicial explosion halfway through. One of the albums strongest tracks overall.

-“Rumors” is the best track on the album. It is the last song on the album and truly gives the listener a little bit of all they offer in the previous 6 tracks. I recommend turning this on, turning down the lights, closing your eyes and listening. Great way to relax and become inspired.

4.5 out of 5

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