songs for the week

so i figured once a week i’d put up a short playlist of sorts to the songs i’ve been listening to.

week of 10.12.09

  1. The What by Notorious B.I.G. ft. Method Man– Some good ol 1994 rap. The chorus in this one is impressive.
  2. Hero by Bloc Party.-Give the vocals a close listen around the 1.17 mark, really cool use of vocal layering.
  3. Emotion by Daft Punk– It’s Daft Punk, enough said.
  4. Meteor Shower by Owl City– Catchy, short song
  5. Love and Other Planets by Adem– A beautiful song, lyrics and vocals are a perfect fit.

there it is, no real cohesiveness to the list, just good music. Also was unable to find great versions for a couple songs, so if interested I can email the mp3’s.

Cheers All

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