thoughts and ideas

So lately I’ve been coming up with my fair share of artistic ideas. However finding a way to put them all in motion and keep them in motion has been tough. On top of that trying to stay focused in my classes has become a bit of a challenge. I figure if I put a list of the ideas on here it’ll help me feel a bit better about them, and hopefully get them to stay in motion.

First I have two film ideas that are slowly being written. One of them is just a short film that I hope to finish by Dec. about a girl who goes to meet up with an ex boyfriend and they just catch up, something they do once a year at the same location. There is a twist involved that I won’t give away. The other film is one that has slowly been developing since last Dec. It began as a look into how someone deals with the loss of a girlfriend, and how they’re life progresses after. However since than it has become a story focused upon the love shared over a long distance between two people, as you experience their last day together for almost a year. This is actually a film that I am really looking forward to getting done and see what I am capable of.

Outside of film i’ve just recently gotten back into drawing, and have been doing a fairly comical drawing which I plan to put up here within the next week or so. Which also may push me to start making an online journal comic I believe so that I can have more practice drawing lesser projects to increase my skills.

Thats about all I have for now, not to interesting a post, but what are you going to do. Haha

cheers all

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