The Wild Things

Last March I remember seeing the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, and was pretty excited. The imagery, the wild things, and the fact that they used The Arcade Fire for the song were all pluses for the trailer. Since than I had been most excited this year for the films release.

On Sat. I was able to go see it with my roommates on the IMAX, and wasn’t let down. Everything in this film screams quality. Spike Jonze did an amazing job getting everything he needed out of Max Records to make this film a success. The use of actual suits and minimal special effects also helped with the overall tone. I dare you to watch this movie and not be blown away by the visuals, and authenticity of the emotions put forth.

What comes down to it, I wouldn’t consider this a children’s film. It is more adult in its tone, portraying the story of a nine year old after he feels neglected at home, causing him to run away to the wild things. Watching this it was easy to remember sharing some of the same emotions at that age, and even now. Its also interested to watch them weave the prelude of sorts (before he meets the wild things) and mirror it in his imagination of the wild things. Simply great writing.

So all in all I would completely recommend this film. Its a great watch, leaves you thinking the next day, and makes you want to see it again. 5 out of 5(5 of what i don’t know, but trust me on this one haha)

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