just some thoughts

so lately i’ve been enjoying all the weather that has occurred here in madison. from the cold windy and rainy, to the warm and clear skied, to the zombie tornado weather. alright i may have made that last one up, but i feel i would enjoy it had it happened…and if it was possible(a kid can dream). usually rain doesnt sit to well with me, i’m normally all about the clear blue skies. over the course of the last week though, i’ve been looking on the bright side of everything. thinking that thoughts of happiness are a choice, and in the attempt to live well and enjoy life as much as i can have played a huge role in my enjoyment of the weather. looking at how everything can change with rain and clouds makes it a new sight to see. which in general has caused the idea of everything being beautiful in its own way also to pop up in my head.

i understand these are all incomplete thoughts about the same topic , but i recommend attempting to look at things this way. it may be rainy, but rain is falling water from the sky(duh) but something that you are just used to. try to get unused to everything and see things for the 1st time, every time (man i know how to spit out cliches).

cheers all

oh and here is some music to listen to to help with this mood

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