online comic review. inkdick

So I’m a big fan of online comics, especially journal comics. There is something about having someone post a portion of their day in comic form that i enjoy. The ability to make people care or interested in these segments is a great feat of storytelling. Something that I feel helps to learn when writing a film, book or anything along those lines. Seeing the basic and how they make it work, and attempting to take those lessons to a higher and longer level.

This week I’m going to review one of my favorite journal comics called inkdick. This is a journal comic done by a guy named Pranas. At the beginning it started off as a project for a class of his, that has become a regular thing for him, I believe for around a year and a half later. When you start from the beginning, you can see that his drawing style is a little rough but interesting. As he progresses it is possible to see the development from this style day to day, until it gets pretty refined and fun to look at. All in all there are not many huge life-changing story lines, rather it is just a comic about day to day life. I find it to be pretty relatable and look forward to reading the new comics daily. I highly recommend this comic, and would suggest starting from the beginning. It wouldn’t take more than a few days to catch up to the newer posts.inkdick_banner

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