My beard

A little backstory to this ol beard of mine. My good friend Billy had been planning all summer to go on a bike tour around the US once his lease was up, as a post graduation adventure. As the date to leave approached, he mentioned he was planning to not shave or cut his hair at all the length of the trip. Once I heard this I figured it would make for a fun reason to grow a beard for a while (11 weeks, + 1 week with a moustache to finish it up). So here is my beards growth over that time span in just 19seconds put to bloc party’s banquet. Keep an eye out for my busted chin, and pre/post lasik surgery.




so i am currently finishing up a short video of my beard growth over 2 and a half months, and should have it posted within a few hours. until then, more music

  1. ” And the map has started tearing along its creases due to overuse…when in reality it�s never needed folds.” Smells Like Content by The Books
  2. “You were one inch from the edge of this bed I drag you back a sleepyhead” Sleepyhead by Passion Pit
  3. “I’ve got a sun burn from the gate of hell, You got a sore throat from always screaming help, He got three years just for givin’ up. And I thought two years would’ve been enough” The Box by Eastern Conference Champions
  4. “Cash Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M. Get the money Dollar, dollar bill y’all” C.R.E.A.M. by The Wu Tang Clan
  5. “Yes we eat, yes we shop, yes we sleep and yes, we talk. All this yes and none this makes restless war on park ground snow.” Sherry and Her Butterfly Net by The Most Serene Republic


so i’ve been slacking when it comes to posting on here the last couple of weeks. and that won’t really stop today, or tomorrow, but i promise I will actually post some of my art i’ve been working on before this break is over. until then i recommend checking out this site, Journal of Emmy C, she has alot of good art to enjoy. great style and fun to scan through.

happy thanksgiving all

lyrics and music

after a week of multiple exams I wasnt able to finish the video i was hoping to put up by today, but should have to time to finish it by tomorrow. so keep an eye out.

  1. “Take two steps back from all of this and remember what you started with”  Cats in Heat by The Honorary Title
  2. “Cause my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark, this ship went down in sight of land” Jesus Christ by Brand New
  3. So this song has no lyrics, but like all Explosions songs, the title is the starting point for you to create your own story to fit the moods and music. The Only Moment We Were Alone by Explosions in the Sky
  4. “Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too, So I stayed in the darkness with you”  Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine
  5. “And when the sun rises, she watches over me” Daykeeper by The Foreign Exchange

music w/ some lyrics

I plan on doing the playlists  like this each week with some lyrics of choice from each(if available). Also by the end of the week I am going to post a video I am working on showing my beard growth day by day for a couple months. Should be fun.

  1. “And everyone is kinda lazy When it’s time to fix a lady But it’s not the end of the beginning, maybe” Rip the Universe by Reverie Sound Revue
  2. “All the dams will give at the end at the end, at the end of the world. So will you swim for me?” Catastrophe by Rainer Maria
  3. “But I can’t exist, so I can’t explain how I lost a thousand dollars on the street again” Can’t Exist by Joseph Arthur
  4. “So sing me something soft sad and delicate, or loud and out of key sing me anything” Existentialism on Prom Night by Straylight Run
  5. “So high up I got birds in the condo. Ain’t that a female dog, ask her who I am to her and she yell, God” Successful by Drake

Album Review. A Weekend in the City

So this album review is a bit old , seeing as the album came out in ’06. However, it has in the years since than been by far one of my favorite albums. The album itself grows upon the listener with each new listen. Once songs are well recognized on very basic way, it is possible to hear nuances instrumentally and lyrically that weren’t noticed on the initial listens. The songwriting is what holds this album together. Tracks aren’t always the most accessible upon the 1st couple album runthroughs, which can make it easy for the album to fall by the wayside. However I recommend powering through if you feel this way in order to find the beauty of this album. As the tracks move along the album shifts from a more rock sound to a much more mellow tone. The songs deal with the stresses and beauty of city life. On the whole I fully recommend this album, I am a bit biased towards this album but I believe it to be for good reason. 5 out of 5 oranges (i’ll keep trying to find a good measurement system soon haha)

Tracks to Listen to:

  1. Song For Clay [Disappear Here]- Opens up the album with style, and many layers to keep you coming back time after time.
  2. On- A song about the euphoric feel associated with cocaine. I take it as a love song though intentionally, and associate it with the feelings of being with someone who makes you feel as confident as possible no matter the situation.
  3. Sunday- As far as I am concerned it is one of the best love songs of the last decade. Beautiful concept.

lyrics/playlist for the week

so i am sitting in the library right now, feeling a bit sick and figured i’d post some of my favorite lyrics and links to the songs as my playlist for the week. what better way to procrastinate than like this haha.

  1. “and here is what i intended, and here is the truth. i’ll disguise this whining with melody, and I hope that it leaves, leaves you intrigued, and I hope you feel, feel what I did at the time that this was conceived” Thin Layer by The Honorary Title
  2. “Please do persist, girl it’s time we met and made a mess.” Anna Molly by Incubus
  3. “Sometimes I get the feeling that, I’ve always known you”  Start Today Tomorrow by Youth Group
  4. “Sometimes a man gets carried away, when he feels like he should be having his fun, and much too blind to see the damage he’s done” Lover, You Should\’ve Come Over by Jeff Buckley
  5. “I hope I see you around the way I always do you it’s always a surprise to be with you” Close Your Eyes by Young Love