Album Review. A Weekend in the City

So this album review is a bit old , seeing as the album came out in ’06. However, it has in the years since than been by far one of my favorite albums. The album itself grows upon the listener with each new listen. Once songs are well recognized on very basic way, it is possible to hear nuances instrumentally and lyrically that weren’t noticed on the initial listens. The songwriting is what holds this album together. Tracks aren’t always the most accessible upon the 1st couple album runthroughs, which can make it easy for the album to fall by the wayside. However I recommend powering through if you feel this way in order to find the beauty of this album. As the tracks move along the album shifts from a more rock sound to a much more mellow tone. The songs deal with the stresses and beauty of city life. On the whole I fully recommend this album, I am a bit biased towards this album but I believe it to be for good reason. 5 out of 5 oranges (i’ll keep trying to find a good measurement system soon haha)

Tracks to Listen to:

  1. Song For Clay [Disappear Here]- Opens up the album with style, and many layers to keep you coming back time after time.
  2. On- A song about the euphoric feel associated with cocaine. I take it as a love song though intentionally, and associate it with the feelings of being with someone who makes you feel as confident as possible no matter the situation.
  3. Sunday- As far as I am concerned it is one of the best love songs of the last decade. Beautiful concept.

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