music w/ some lyrics

I plan on doing the playlists  like this each week with some lyrics of choice from each(if available). Also by the end of the week I am going to post a video I am working on showing my beard growth day by day for a couple months. Should be fun.

  1. “And everyone is kinda lazy When it’s time to fix a lady But it’s not the end of the beginning, maybe” Rip the Universe by Reverie Sound Revue
  2. “All the dams will give at the end at the end, at the end of the world. So will you swim for me?” Catastrophe by Rainer Maria
  3. “But I can’t exist, so I can’t explain how I lost a thousand dollars on the street again” Can’t Exist by Joseph Arthur
  4. “So sing me something soft sad and delicate, or loud and out of key sing me anything” Existentialism on Prom Night by Straylight Run
  5. “So high up I got birds in the condo. Ain’t that a female dog, ask her who I am to her and she yell, God” Successful by Drake

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