online comic. Allan

It has been a while since I have reviewed a webcomic, so I figured I should change that. And what better way than by looking into one of my favorites, Allan. Allan is a journal comic that follows a kid named Allan Wood. He started the comic when he was 15/16 and has been doing it for a few years now, with his comic total around 700.

The art style in the comic is what i’d consider advanced stick figures. He has a great way of showing the emotions and the like of the characters through often times funny and fun to look at facial expressions. The backrounds can be a bit bland, with no real detail. However, the focus in the comics is upon the characters, so minimal backround works just fine to fit the style of storytelling. Story-wise, Allan shows alot of the typical life experiences as he goes through them. Stories of love to stories of work, and all that falls in between.

With a large back catalog of comics, it makes for a fun time to go back to the beginning and catch up. This is a comic that will keep your interest as you sift through all the old comics. I highly recommend this comic.

Ps- I  will soon start to look into other comics that I haven’t been a fan of for a while. You know just so I don’t get repetitive in my reviews, and can throw some poor reviews in there every now and again. To switch it up.

2 thoughts on “online comic. Allan

  1. Dear Brett
    I am currently creating a blog post on my top 25 albums of the Decade. I would like to see you do a post on your top 25 films of the Decade.

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