My 20 Favorite Films of the 00’s (20-11)

I have my list done completely at this point, but will split the list up into 2 parts. I’ll write more about the films this way. I’ll put up part 2 next week. Happy holidays.

20. Pirates of the Caribbean(2003)- This is one of those films that was a surprise, based on the Disney ride but somehow interesting. I won’t acknowledge the next 2 because they were no where near as good or fun as the first one. One of those films that I have a hard time getting bored by.

19.The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

18.Finding Nemo(2003)- PIXAR has never made a poor film (maybe Cars), and Finding Nemo is one of their best. The visuals and storytelling are spot on in this one.

17.The Departed(2006)

16.Garden State(2004)- Zach Braff really did an amazing job considering this was his first film. His writing, and directing work well with the overall emotions needed to make the film work. And of course the soundtrack is one of the few that truly fits and help the film flow better.

15.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button(2008)- I just saw this one a month back and really enjoyed it. It is fairly different from the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, but no less brilliant. The performances are top notch in this one, Brad Pitt being a bad ass, and Cate Blanchett furthering her argument to being my favorite actress.

14. Children of Men(2006)- The one take continuous shots are more than enough to put this film on my list.

13.Wedding Crashers(2005)

12.The Bourne Trilogy(02,04,07)- One of the few solid trilogies. The action is intense, and the story is always intriguing.

11.Where The Wild Things Are(2009)- This was the film that I was most excited for in ’09. Beautiful imagery, and storytelling. Spike Jonze really captured what it feels like to be a kid, all while keeping it relatable.

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