new comic

Today in my English lecture I got an idea for a webcomic series based upon a musical quest taken by my roommates and I. The 1st one is drawn and should be on here soon, with the intent to update once a week at least. So get excited


top 10 list. incubus

Well here are my top 10 incubus songs, with the rule no more than 3 songs per album. Next week I may do favorite 90’s hip-hop, or something on those lines. This’ll keep me posting a bit more each week.

10.Quicksand from Light Grenades. “Some people fall in love and touch the sky. Some people fall in love and find quicksand. I hover somewhere in between, I swear I can’t make up my mind.”

9. Deep Inside from S.C.I.E.N.C.E. “Over and over, we ask ourselves why don’t we utilize things that are stored deep inside if our brains! I’m on my own and I can’t see straight? Am I sooo stoned that I can’t see straight?”

8.Echo from Morning View. “My biggest fear will be the rescue of me. Strange how it turns out that way Could you show me dear…something I’ve not seen?” Just an amazingly beautiful love song.

7.Talk Shows on Mute from A Crow Left of the Murder. “The foundation is canyoning. Fault lines should be worn with pride”

6.Clean from Make Yourself. “You’d feel better if you’d vent, put your frustrations into four letter words and let them out on mine, the most weathered ears in town.”

5.Aqueous Transmission from Morning View. “Maybe we can meet again further down the river , and share what we both discovered then revel in the view.”

4.Sick Sad Little World from A Crow… “The world is a joke when out of love. Please come back to us you’re all of the above ‘I’m making a choice to be out of touch.Leave me be,’ He said” The guitar solo on here is a treat.

3.I Miss You from Make Yourself.”You do something to me that I can’t explain. So would I be out of line if I said, I miss you.” Listen to this one on headphones, or turned up loud.

2.The Warmth from Make Yourself. “Remember why you came and while you’re alive experience the warmth before you go old” This is the song that got me into Incubus, it will always be one of my favorites.

1.Are You In? from Morning View. “It’s so much easier when sea foam green is in fashion.” My favorite song by them since I first heard it way back when. You can’t help but feel happy and light-hearted.

Frame by Frame 4-8

This one is me trying to recreate the sky I saw while hiking back down the mountain after the sun had set. It was such an amazing hike down in terms of the visuals.

I had forgotten to bring shoes with any sort of traction, so the walk down at night after the snow had froze was a blast. I was pretty much walking down like the most uncool old man ever.

And it’s true, no one was.


More comics coming tomorrow.

  1. “You wanted good schools and friends with pools. You’re not a contra.” I Think ur A Contra by Vampire Weekend. My favorite song of theirs off the new album. The music and vocals are incredibly beautiful.
  2. “Until you find yourself, its impossible to lose you, because I never had you” Houstatlantavegas by Drake. Not the most amazing song, but its pretty mellow and enjoyable.
  3. “The feelings I fight burn so bright ” The Ghost of You Lingers by Spoon. One of my favorites by them.
  4. “There’s a luster from the city lights on the waves that kiss our feet, and we’re thinking of going in” Panchua Sunrise (acoustic) by Minus the Bear. This song is beautiful no matter what version.
  5. “Make the great escape, and find a way to make ends meet” Alright by The Subways. Good and optimistic.


So I’m leaving SLC tomorrow, and returning to Milwaukee for  a few days before heading back to Madison. Here are a couple photos of a hike my cousin and I went on last night. There is a funny story to that which will find its way into a comic(All the comics I’ve done will be up as soon as I can get to a scanner).


This weeks lyrics are based upon songs I’ve heard so far while on my vacation. The 1st three are from my stay at my Pops place in GA where a half inch of snow was more than enough to have kept us from leaving the house. So he and I sat around drinking and watching music DVDs.

  1. “Where is my mind? Way out in the water, see it swimming?” Where is My Mind? (Pixies cover) by James Blunt. Actually a pretty damn good cover of the original.
  2. “I’ve got a feeling that keeps me on my toes.Oh yeah” I’ve Got a Feeling by The Beatles. Finally watched the Let It Be documentary and really enjoyed this one live.
  3. “It’s a big enough umbrella. But it’s always me that ends up getting wet.” Seven Days by Sting. I always enjoy listening to Sting with my Pops, it reminds me of being a kid again. I also am a huge fan of the story and how its told in this song.
  4. “Everything that happens is from now on” re:stacks by Bon Iver. This was the band I attempted to get my dad into as we drove to the airport.
  5. “Honey I know, I know, I know times are changing. It’s time we all reach out for something new. That means you too” Purple Rain by Prince. Just saw this movie for the first time last night, all I wanted to say the whole time was “GO 80’s!”.