This playlist will use a song or two that I have before, mainly since I can’t get enough of them.

  1. “I don’t know what to do. About this dream and you. I wish this dream comes true” Digital Love by Daft Punk. Good stuff
  2. “Tell me what’s the matter I can’t explain. This won’t go on forever I’ll see you again. As long as I remember the way it all started” How Long? by Jarrod Gorbel. Better recorded than live, but the live version is still just as good.
  3. “So there’s something to look forward to. Gimme something to look forward to” Something to Look Forward To by Spoon.
  4. “A visible illusion, oh where it starts it ends. Love like a sunset” Love Like a Sunset by Phoenix. The buildup and payoff in this song are amazing.
  5. “There’s always time to make it up tomorrow” Always Tomorrow by The Subways. The ah ah ah’s are the best part of this song, they always make me feel good for some reason.

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