More comics coming tomorrow.

  1. “You wanted good schools and friends with pools. You’re not a contra.” I Think ur A Contra by Vampire Weekend. My favorite song of theirs off the new album. The music and vocals are incredibly beautiful.
  2. “Until you find yourself, its impossible to lose you, because I never had you” Houstatlantavegas by Drake. Not the most amazing song, but its pretty mellow and enjoyable.
  3. “The feelings I fight burn so bright ” The Ghost of You Lingers by Spoon. One of my favorites by them.
  4. “There’s a luster from the city lights on the waves that kiss our feet, and we’re thinking of going in” Panchua Sunrise (acoustic) by Minus the Bear. This song is beautiful no matter what version.
  5. “Make the great escape, and find a way to make ends meet” Alright by The Subways. Good and optimistic.

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