My webcomic will be up here tomorrow hopefully, whenever I get a chance to scan it.

  1. “The cinders they light the path. And these strange steps take us back” Hysteric (acoustic) by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. One of my favorite songs at the moment, incredibly soothing.
  2. “Whether or not I make it there is will itself and I’m honest with only myself.” If You Do If You Don’t by Cartel. Another song I can’t seem to listen to enough.
  3. “You’re not trying hard enough our lives are changing lanes. You ran me off the road ” Reptilia by The Strokes.
  4. Here Lies Love by David Byrne ft. Fatboy Slim and Florence Welch. Good song, Florence still has some of the best vocals out there as far as I’m concerned.
  5. “Make me unstoppable” The Prayer(Phones Full Metal Jackin’ Mix) by Bloc Party. Great remix.

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