HIMYM Season 1 Finale one of my favorite episodes of this show. And the use of “This Modern Love” at the end is perfect.



The images coming out of Iceland never cease to amaze me with their beauty. I wonder if viewing them in person would benefit from some Sigur Ros, haha.


So I am back from TX, have gotten a new tablet(sadly still need to get the pen for it), finishing up a paper for class, all that and by Sunday I will post a few comics. After a long delay I know, I must get back into posting on here. I’m also going to be filming a new…film soon called “A Soft Spoken Goodbye”, should be exciting. Until I post again here is some music.

Head First in the River by Envy on the Coast. Really nice guys, main reason I ever got into them was due largely in part to their obvious desire to get to know the people who went to their show. Was able to hang out with them after a show a few years back and got to know them a bit. The album they just released has a huge southern rock sound, which is pretty cool considering they are from Long Island.

This Modern Love by Bloc Party. still one of my favorite songs by them. beautiful.