Renewed attempt at this blog.

After longer than a year away from this, I figured to start back up. Mainly as a means to express myself beyond my normal ways. An attempt to get my creativity going once again.

I actually just finished this poem and wanted to post it. I hardly consider myself good with words, but this one has been building my head over the last week or so. I finally put it down, so here you go. And please be harsh,  =)

Have a great moment everyone.

I bike like a child.
And ride as if I know nothing of pain. 

Climbing each new hill as it arises.
No fear to think it is insurmountable,
but an excitement that knows no bound.
A desire to see the new horizon beyond.

I live for the downhill,
Arms in the air as the wind divides over and under.
Knowing I could lose control in an instant.
However, I just can't grasp this thought in the moment.
Everything disappears.

I bike like a child.
Mind freed from the world.

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