Interview with a Photographer: Adam (New York Street Photography)

I apologize for the lack of posts last week. School has been getting a bit hectic, so it has been tough to keep up. This is a post I know can make up for that lost time.

I was able to get an interview with a photographer I recently came across (Thanks wordpress!). His name is Adam, and he has taken some of the best portraits I have seen in quite a while. WordPress made his blog a “Freshly Pressed” about a month back, and it is easy to see why. You can see more of his work at, and make sure to follow it. Enjoy!

“At what point did you develop your love for photography?”
I had taken a photography course in high school, and that introduced me to the medium. But it wasn’t until I moved to New York City in 2002 that I really made photography a priority. There are so many photographic opportunities here that I found myself carrying my camera with me everywhere.

“How do you go about taking a meaningful photo?”
A meaningful photo is made before you ever click the shutter.  In other words, it is anticipating when a meaningful moment may be about to happen, and being prepared for it.  I think photography is more about observing than shooting.

“Where are you striving most for improvement?”
I am trying to work on photography projects where the images are held together by a consistent theme or idea, as opposed to just photographing whatever catches my eye.  Knowing what one wants to communicate in an image before making it is critical.
“Favorite photo you’ve taken, and why?”
I honestly can’t answer that, just because every photograph holds different meaning to me.  One of the things that I find so powerful about photography is it helps us to remember distinct time periods, even moments, in our lives.  So each photograph really speaks to something about where we have been, geographically, emotionally, intellectually.
“How do you approach the people you ask to photograph?”
I introduce myself and take a minute to explain the project. Most people agree to having their portrait taken.  I know there is a mindset that New Yorkers are unfriendly and always in a rush.  I don’t find that to be true at all.  There are so many interesting and thoughtful people here. My photography has given me a chance to meet individuals I never would have encountered otherwise.
 My personal favorite
“What do you think makes a good photo?”
I personally like straightforward black and white documentary photographs.  I enjoy images that are able to convey powerful ideas and concepts in a simple, understated way.
“Favorite place/person to go to for photos online?”
I continually return to the websites of Michael Kenna, Josef Hoflehner, Richard Avedon and Magnum Photos, to name a few.  Recently, I have spent a lot of time looking at the work of Vivian Maier, as well.
“What song/type of music always seems to inspire you while taking photos/editing?”
When I am developing film or reviewing images on the computer I like listening to jazz, especially from the 1950’s and 60’s.  Miles Davis. John Coltrane. Sonny Rollins.  Their music is elegant, romantic and aspirational, in much the same way that New York is.  It was a prolific era both for music and photography.

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