Renewed attempt at this blog.

After longer than a year away from this, I figured to start back up. Mainly as a means to express myself beyond my normal ways. An attempt to get my creativity going once again.

I actually just finished this poem and wanted to post it. I hardly consider myself good with words, but this one has been building my head over the last week or so. I finally put it down, so here you go. And please be harsh,  =)

Have a great moment everyone.

I bike like a child.
And ride as if I know nothing of pain. 

Climbing each new hill as it arises.
No fear to think it is insurmountable,
but an excitement that knows no bound.
A desire to see the new horizon beyond.

I live for the downhill,
Arms in the air as the wind divides over and under.
Knowing I could lose control in an instant.
However, I just can't grasp this thought in the moment.
Everything disappears.

I bike like a child.
Mind freed from the world.


I just came across a small assignment I had done earlier in the semester for my english discussion, that I thought I’d post on here for fun. We were reading Dracula at the time, and were asked to write about what we’d be like if we were a vampire in Madison. It sounded a bit childish, but was actually a great way to get a better feel for the story. So enjoy.

I have been a vampire for the past century, and have only just recently moved my lair to Madison, said lair is not a common one amongst vampires. I live at the top of an apartment complex over looking the capital and lakes. The location while very susceptible to sun light, provides me with a calm over my blood cravings, in the beauty of the area on a clear night. While I rest and once again become dead during the day hours, my windows are capable of blocking the harmful UV rays, protecting me from their harmful power. In having windows like these, I feel a bit more human, even though I never am capable of seeing the daylight in full. My sanity and cravings can be controlled if I am able to make myself feel human again, seeing things of beauty and reminding me that there is more to this life than my desires.
Before my move to this area my vampire side had plagued me for years controlling my thoughts and actions. My blood lust was much greater than I care to admit at the moment. After years of preying upon those walking alone down the city streets, and luring them out of plain view, my desire had not dwindled. The pleasure gained from attacking someone was all I wanted in this world, and all that I could think of in my waking hours. Until one night a year ago when I had put the area in such a state of fear that none would leave and be found outside at night as always happens when I remain any one area for to long. I went more than a month without the blood of a human. The blood of animals was my forced meal in that span.
I began to go insane, unable to find any humans around at night and with no desire to move until I could truly feed again I began trying new techniques. I found myself trying to lure people outside anyway I could, as well attaining the ability to get people to let me into their houses. After weeks of trying I was finally able to get in. It was a family of five that made the mistake of allowing me in. I lost complete control after getting in, unable to control my actions because of my bloodlust. Their screams and blood was a drug to me, it fed my insanity and the animal within me. Upon killing the mother I went in search of anyone I may have missed. Moving from room to room swiftly I found myself in the room of a sleeping five year old. As I saw him I was hit with a sense of guilt unlike any I had felt since I was alive. I had massacred  this boys family, leaving him an orphan. Unable to kill him, I fled the house as fast as I was possibly able to move. I left the town the next night ridden with this guilt, and the promise to myself to control myself and attain a sense of humanity I had been lacking for the previous century. One that I had not missed until that night.
I now feed upon blood attained from a local blood clinic in an attempt to not leave any others with a sense of loss like that boy must feel. My mistakes of the past are remembered while awake, but non such like the pain I feel for that boy. I have found reasons and ways to keep some level of humanity about me. However in doing this, I fight against everything my type live for. A battle that is constantly there, blood in pouches only satisfies one of my needs. I must find a way to control my desire of the hunt, or I fear that I will kill once again and lose control.